Great read. A case of opportunity meets preparedness.

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This is the real tea! Thanks for sharing this. Time to start taking cold emailing and dm shots seriously. I like the fact that she stressed on being prepared. Even if one is just starting out, take up some tasks, do some personal work on your own so they have something to look at when your shot finally yields something. And yes, don’t let 59 rejections make you lose confidence in yourself. The last 1 may just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Overall this is a great read. I love it!

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Nice insight. Cold emailing got me my current role as a product intern. People say cold email doesn't work, I tell them they are have been doing it wrong.

The days of cold application is long gone. Networking is the new gold of which cold emailing is a subset.

When people need something, they just ask for it - this is a poor way to negotiate. Always preceed your ask with a value.

Need a design job at an agency? Redesign the company's landing & attach your solution to your cold email.

Need a PM gig? Write a compelling PRD for a feature & make a case for how it will improve the business. Attach your findings to your cold email.

The list is endless.

This is one of the most held secret in the universe. Today, the uninitiated becomes initiated.

#go figure 😀

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